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    Development of shoe machinery in China in 10 years

    Hongxin Shoes Machine-Judgment for the development of Chinese shoemaking machinery in the following 10 years (from 2011 to 2020). According to a survey, most of people hold the view that industry competition come to incandesce, and shortage of labor force and talented person, and some people think that industry transformation can affect its development, less choose the prices of materials as the main factor of facing challenges, which maybe the effection from prices to the whole industry and consistent. As a result, it is not a very key one before this challenge.  

    Chinese shoe machinery industry sames not optimistic in its future location, while it's not agreed that there's no position in the international market, most of them choose that still a little difference initially there. Some thinks should take the close international cooperation first integrated into the global shoemaking industry chain. We can see that a part of shoe machinery enterprises have planed to run the close international cooperaiton road.

    In the following it's the diagram about the degree choice on the technology and innovation of Chinese shoe machinery in 10 years. It's generally believed that eco-friendly and safety are the key role of the innovation, of course push from shoemaking materials and shoemaking technology for shoe machinery enterprises is indispensable. Combination of computer and digital technology is listed on the first position. what's intersting is management mode to the upgrading of enterprises listed the last.

    From the survey, we can conclued that most choose the industy fair and technology seminar as the most effective promotion methods, basically the same as choosing traditional media and private relation and public praise, some still think that internet promotion should be listed primary which shows that enterprises pay more attention to new media gradually.

    For the prosperity fo shoemaking machinery, most of them choose the raising of automation level and also agree with the advantage of technology innovation; about 60% thinks that energy saving, environmental friendly and safety should be the main trend for enterprises, nearly half think that amount of shoemaking  machinery enterprises would fall down, more professional, and narrow on the catagries ran.

    Developing trend: energy saving, environmental friendly, digitalization and automation According to the Twelfth Five Year Plan on machinery industry released by Chinese machinery industry federation, during this Twelfth Five Year, machinery industry in China should follow the following five developing strategies.

    The first is the high-end strategy, which should be commited in upgrading of traditional products, inprove the image of products in the international and national market.

    The second is the increation push strategy which should be strengthen the innovation system, more relay on technology creation, system mechanism management and improment of employees quality.

    The third is to intensify the basis include the basic piece, basic technology, basic crafts and some knowledge on industry machinery.

    The fourth is the combinaiton of intergration which should speed up the machinery products to develop in the digitalization and intelligentize, make information technology into the design and production of products, to improve the productivity with running service standard of international market.

    The fifth is the strategy of  Green first. Design and producing of machinery products focus more on the green concept of the full life cycle, develop products with high energy-saving and with remanufacturing.---from Hongxin Shoes Machine.

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